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11 best chatbot apps: fun and functional bots 2022

Keep conversations going across channels Content Improve at every stage of your business growth How to Open an Apple Pages File on Windows 11 JetBrains Space Help Best Make Me Fat Apps in 2022 (Android & iOS) For a real bot in production, some of these assumptions would break the behavior of the bot. So let’s...


7 Best Apps Like Replika Chatbot Companion Powered By AI

What Is An AI Companion App? Content Are there any good alternatives to Replika app? Do you think Replika is a good AI? Full-fledged Conversational Interface Platform It uses its AI to monitor emotional health by interacting with the user. The app features personalised meditation sessions as well as a mood journal that can come...


Chatbot Scripts: A Step By Step Guide With Examples & Templates

Pure App Content Globe Telecom Bot PornHub Bot Full-fledged Conversational Interface Platform Best Custom Dirty Talk Bot Data Not Linked to You All chatbots can be easily tricked into saying or confirming pretty much anything. The app is not cursed, despite various urban legends. As the chatbot name suggests, Replika’s chatbots use AI to...